Has anybody tried the Reed 3P?

I own the Reed 2A and have the 'Magnetic Reed' on lone which I can buy. But I am also curious about the 3P as a possible next one.

Hi Steve, can I get a email address? I thought I sent you a note via reed's website but I guess it never made it. I live in Austin and heard Arnie's set up (very very nice analog front end!)

I am curious about ordering one of the 3p arms, but have a few questions with table and cabling needs off the arm...

Hi John,
No, I did not receive any forwarded email from you. Sorry. You can reach me
at xactaudio@gmail.com or 208-860-9559
Hope this is not against the rules...
After some delay, my 12" 3P is here. Mine is in the cocobolo/ruthenium finish. It's a beautiful site to behold. One of the prettiest tonearms I've ever seen. Worth the wait on that ruthenium coating.

I've only had a few mornings with the arm so far but performance looks to be on a reference level as well. Currently I have a Benz LP-s mounted and it controls the cartridge beautifully. I have a couple other high end arms that met their match with the LP-s and couldn't keep it from jumping out of the groove. No such problem here. I really don't know if the LP-s is the ideal match for this arm but it's sounding great and I can finally use this high end cartridge that previously had been set aside.

I'd love to hear impressions from others as well as preferred cartridge matches. I'm not the most apt reviewer. Suffice it to say so far I really love this arm.
I have exactly the same TT (Technics SP-10 MKII), arm (SME 312S and the cart. (Dynavector XV-1S), and am looking at Reed 3P as well.
I just bought a second TT- Verdier La Platine Granito, but haven't installed it yet.
I would love to hear your impression of Reed vs. SME
Hi Sonofjim, Glad to see you at last got your Reed 3P. Coincidentaly I just got the Benz LP S but my objective was to substitute the Ruby 3 S in my Triplanar VII with the LP S. My Reed 2 A got the Miyabi Standard already as 'upgrade' from Phase Tech P 3 G.
I hate those carts changes and adjustments but because you are so happy with your 3P / LP S combo I will try both combinations. For those who are reluctant to mess with cart changes and adjustments such report as yours is a kind of encouragement.