Has anybody tried the Reed 3P?

I own the Reed 2A and have the 'Magnetic Reed' on lone which I can buy. But I am also curious about the 3P as a possible next one.

3 years later anyone can comment on REED 3P "12 Cocobolo + ZYX Premium 4D (SB2) combo ? Anybody use that combination ?

Effective mass of "12 Reed w/cocobolo arwand is 19g.
Zyx Premium 4D compliance is 12x10-6 (vertical) & 15x10-6 (horizontal) @ 100Hz (Japan)

Dealers told me it would be a good match but at the same time i've seen other people use the same Reed with Miyajima Kansui which is a totally different cartridge with lower compliance 7x10-6 @ 100Hz (Japan).

How come two cartridges (Zyx & Miyajima) with different compliance can be ideal for one tonearm if their compliance is so different (from 15 to 7, both at 100Hz) ?

Anyone can explain me ?

Yes- or for that matter Reed tonearms in general.
Ease of use, sound, QC...? Thanks in advance!
I can only say I really enjoy my 3P (12 inch cocobola). I use it with the Benz LP-s. Not sure if feedback on that combination helps anyone but it's one of the best I have. I find the 3P to be a beautiful arm and a joy to use. It's actually the only one I have that was able to control the LP-s which IMO is way too heavy for its compliance. Once you keep the stylus in the groove the cartridge really sounds great though. In this price range there are many great arms out there (Kuzma 4 point for one). Anyone who goes for the 3P won't regret it IMO. (Still, I'd love a 4 point in addition). V-12? Lots of great arms out there.
Thank you Sonofjim for your comment.

I assume people love this tonearm, there are not so many Reeds turns up for sale used (unfortunately). After few years of using EPA-100 on my SP10mk2 i'd love to try something better. Preffer "12 arm for my sp10mk2 in big teak wood blinth (i use thomas schick "12 as a spare arm). It's impossible to google more than a few pictures from sp10mk2 owners showing Reed tonearms on their decks. But very often on Kodo The Beat or Artisan Fidelity versions. Anyone on here use Reed on stock Sp10mk2 ?

Another question is about cable difference:
Standard or C37 Cryo Copper w/Eichman RCA
Do you guys think the Cryo worth 250€ price difference?

And main question is about ZYX Premium 4D SB performance on Reed 3P "12 Cocobolo, 19g effective mass, anyone? I've described my consern above (kansui vs. zyx on reed).
Not much more discussions about these arms. I’m looking for another tonearm for my TW-Acustic AC3 to fit a Miyajima Infinity mono cart. Choice could be between Schroeder CB and the Reed 3P.I could also install the VDH Colibri on the Reed or Schroeder CB and the Miyajima on the SME 3012-R.
Any opinions please ?JY