Has anybody tried using single solid core cables?

At a recent hi-fi show an exhibitor auditioning $47K speakers repeatedly asserted the following: "Any solid core wire, even $0.03 a foot is better than any multi-strand available. Experiment for yourselves, you will be amazed."

My question before I ditch my multi-stranded Audioquest Indigo cables in favor of 4 individual single solid core 18 gauge cobber cables from Home Depot for my newly acquired SA Mantra 50s, has anyone tried using single solid core wires?
What exactly are the sonic benefits of solid core cables?

I've re-read this thread and don't have a clear picture of how they sound different from other designs. If someone could take a shot at a general description, it would be appreciated. I've actually just switched from a Kimber cable to a solid core JW Audio cables and it sounds different but I don't want to generalize based on one experience & system.
I see most Acoustic Revive cable products are solid core. Anyone have a lead on where I might find some Acoustic Revive bulk AC cable? I want to try some as an experiment.
Also, coherence, which there is not a lot of nowadays. Most folk confuse some added body (think thickening, like roux) to the music and are willing to sacrifice detail and clarity for it.
I've only gotten more clarity and detail with every upgrade
in gauge. But it becomes more natural and organic. It does
give you more body and bass. But people have designed their
system around cables that left that very last part of the
signal out or thin. So when it's added how it should be it's
to warm for them and to much. The solid thicker cable is
conducting better and getting the signal there more intact
and complete how it should. A system should be designed
around that complete full bodied signal. All electricity
cares about is getting to it's destination the quickest
easiest route with the least resistance. Do that and you
keep the signal the most complete.

Anyway, today I upgraded my interconnects. I hand made some
with 14 gauge solid core wire from Home depot. VERY thick
and heavy duty. Can barely budge it. It's kind of tough to
work with but well worth it. Everything I said above
applied, more detail, clarity, but with a more organic
natural feel to it.

I also upgraded my speaker wire. I can't handle solid core
for that. To stiff. To hard to get to lay down and look nice
too. So I got 10 gauge stranded with 4 wires in each. So
doubled up at the spades on each end. It pretty much equals
an 8 gauge now I believe. I used solid copper spades and
solid copper banana plugs (with no coating, just solid
copper). These ends are awesome. Found them online. Brass is
horrible to use. It's something like %25 as conductive as
copper. It's like the signal hits a brick wall when it hits

Same thing, more natural, more full, more clarity, more
detail (but organic and real). The soundstage at this point
is incredibly large and deep and dynamic. Can hear so much
of the room it's in, where recordings were made. I can hear
the traffic outside of a closed room in one. I can hear a
guy saying to turn the mic up behind the glass in the
control room in a Metallica song. I've had thousands of
dollars of cable and these hand made cables that cost me
less than $300 would play with all the big boys. I'm blown
away I can get this out of my system.

You can build your own speakers at a fraction of the cost or
retail and get the same sound or better, no reason you can't
do it with wires and cords. Just takes your time.

I have some better speakers on the way. LSA Statements, I'll
let you know how everything plays with it.

What happened to the OP? Did you try anything yet?