Has anyboyd used this amp, your thoughts on it

Looking to buy this amp maybe, it's available on eBay, china hifi, etc.  I'm looking for something that is tubes, a headphone amp, and can play speakers all in one.  I have found one review but the guy seemed like he didn't know what he was talking about.  Love to hear your thoughts or other suggestions.




Ok thanks, it says single ended class A, but then goes on to say A/B.  Thanks i will stay away.

It s too small and low quality  if you want it to last and sound decent go to 

underwood Wally  youhave to spend at-minimum $1000+ 

for example if it cost$1k you are getting less then $200 in parts  the restoverhead and markup.



I've enjoyed a Glow One amplifier for several years in my second system and suggest that you give them a look.

A bit more than the one in the link you posted, but they are hand built with end-to-end wiring and no PC boards and can be found on the secondary market.

Here's the link: https://glow-audio.com/


The Glow One is a single-end tube amp using one 6BQ5/EL84 per channel at 3.5 watts output. Input/driver tube looks like a 12AT7. I have a similar custom-made amp like it using a 6BG6 pentode for about 7 watts and one 12AT7 driving both output tubes. Nothing new here. These simple circuits were used in table radio's in the 1950's. No feedback and at clipping 5% harmonic distortion.