Has anyboyd used this amp, your thoughts on it

Looking to buy this amp maybe, it's available on eBay, china hifi, etc.  I'm looking for something that is tubes, a headphone amp, and can play speakers all in one.  I have found one review but the guy seemed like he didn't know what he was talking about.  Love to hear your thoughts or other suggestions.





Thanks for all your input appreciate everything it seems like a hard thing to fulfill what I want to get a headphone good headphone and drive speakers all in one unit.

Not necessarily hard to accomplish. However it will require more expenditure to get a “good “ quality amplifier for your intended purposes. You’ll be hard pressed to get decent build quality, power supplies and output transformers at dirt cheap cost. Something has to give.


There is the musical Paradise MP 301 MK2 the things I've heard about that the amp part for driving speakers is fantastic headphone is okayish not fantastic but decent.


Okay my budget is $1,500 now what other doors does that open up for me?

@jasonbourne71 True, those power levels are more suitable to headphones, but the significantly higher impedance of headphones might cause the audio quality to be compromised.

@jasonbourne71 I was merely reading back what the description was on Ebay, a total hatchet job.

This amplifier has garnered a respectable reputation for sound quality and built quality. It’s push pull class A /B rather than class A SET topology. They offer a 300b and 845 SET integrated amplifiers but these are over 2K USD.