Has anyboyd used this amp, your thoughts on it

Looking to buy this amp maybe, it's available on eBay, china hifi, etc.  I'm looking for something that is tubes, a headphone amp, and can play speakers all in one.  I have found one review but the guy seemed like he didn't know what he was talking about.  Love to hear your thoughts or other suggestions.




With your wish list, I suggest looking at the Willsenton R8 (the improved later version) or the Muzishare X7. Both are push-pull AB and will deliver 45WPC in ultralinear mode, enough to power average speakers and will have a headphone jack also. The $400 SET EL34 will not be able to do nearly as much for you. If you go with the Willsenton, you might want to upgrade the tubes to Psvane tubes, they are better. If I were buying now, I would get the Muzishare. I have the Willsenton R8, and it sounds wonderful, especially for the money, but I also did the DIY internal upgrades which adds costs but is exchanging the generic components for high-grade audio components and takes some time and basic soldering to do. (There is a upgrade mod series on YT at "Skunkie Does Electronics"’ channel which documents the process well. I found it worth the cost and trouble.

The cost will be $1400 (AMZ) not $400, though, before tube upgrades.

Yes, i know the Muzishare X7 is good, and the Wilsenton R8 i, the problem is the headphone outputs good.  Just because it sounds good on speakers doesn't mean it has a good headphone jack.  A lot of times the headphone jack is an afterthought from audio makers.

If you want something that is cheap, has tubes in it, and has headphone jack, plus plenty of other functions (including bluetooth, optical, coaxial, and phono inputs!), go for Dayton Audio HTA100 (not the "HTA100BT which is the older model)

Granted, the tubes are in the preamp section, the power amp section is solid state class AB, but it's a very nice little amp with great build quality for the price and an incredible 5 years warranty! I bought one as a birthday present for a friend. There are quite a few reviews online.

I ended up getting this amp


I had a lot of suggestions on here and all were appreciated, but this kind of won out in the end, price, sound.

There is an old thread on this amp on Hi-Fi .org, like 38 pages, and there is a 16-page mod thread on it.  The overall talk was really good so i bought it.


I will say it sounds mean with the Chinese tubes, but when i upgraded to Jan 5670w and 2- 6jd8 buggle boy tubes, wow it woke up and sounded beautiful.  Now given its $250 price tag it's a steal IMO, it smokes my Little Dot Mark II.

I'm going to do the mods inside soon.  It drives my HD 6xx no problems and i can't go past 1 o'clock or it will blow my brains out.  It also makes a fantastic pre-amp, wow it's really good.  Anyway just a follow and thanks for all your help.