Has anyone actually bought a Zesto Phono preamp?

Curious if anyone has actually purchased the Zesto Phono preamp.Maybe you heard it at an audio show? Please share your comments on the Zesto.
They make really good ice cream; I had a strawberry thick shake there today. So maybe their preamps are good too.
This is the one manufactured by the company known as Andros.
I know,the company name sounds like a fictional planet in a fifties sci-fi movie and the name of the amp sounds like a cleaning product.So much for "branding" 101 for these people,question is what does the amp sound like?
I havaen't heard it yet, but if you're near Eastern Massachusetts, Goodwin's High End has one in their showroom.
Zesto is actually a chain of ice cream shops here in the Louisville area. In other areas also: "While some former franchisees continued to operate under different names, others retained the Zesto name, and they do so today independent of each other and without support from a governing franchise structure. Among the cities where locally owned Zestos currently operate include Evansville, Indiana, Seattle, Washington, Atlanta, Georgia, Columbia, South Carolina, and Omaha, Nebraska (where it operates across from Rosenblatt Stadium, former home of the College World Series).
The Zesto trademark is currently controlled by Zesto Inc., a Missouri corporation owned by Harold Brown, who operates the first known Zesto in Jefferson City, Missouri, and registered the mark in 1985. Brown's company grants exclusive rights to use the Zesto name by territory."

I am going to turn them in for trademark infringment! LOL