Has anyone actually bought a Zesto Phono preamp?

Curious if anyone has actually purchased the Zesto Phono preamp.Maybe you heard it at an audio show? Please share your comments on the Zesto.
Had mine for 3 mths now. Best phono stage I've had compared to CJ 15, Groove and clear audio .

My system is clear audio master solution, benz .32 mv ref silver, Conrad Johnson 16ls preamp, wadia 16 i, Cary v12, Avant garde Duos, all Synergistic ref cables.

Zesto is extremely quiet , and now my analog sounds clearly better than CDs thru my Wadia.
Seriously considering the Leto preamp.
I've had the Andros phono since May and just added the Leto preamp at RMAF. Both are simply outstanding, even better as a pair. I've only used the Andros with a Zu Denon 103R so far, but can say it gets the absolute most out of that cart.

I'm significantly upgrading the cart very soon, so hopefully I can get a better measure of the Andros' range. Support from Zesto, when needed, has been terrific as well.

I purchased an Andros about 2 months ago. It is superb. 'Quiet' is an understatement. Not only does it handle my low(ish) output Ortofon A90, but does so driving a Voltikus Gold with no preamp (i.e. no active gain stage). Harmonic integrity is at least the equal of my former phono stage (VAC Phi Beta 110i), if not better, while the midbass on down is significantly improved. In the overall scheme of things, it is a bargain.