Has anyone bought the Psvane Acme 300B Vacuum Tube?

These are on my radar but I really know little of them. I had contact once with a fella that re-tubed his VAC Renaissance 70/70 amp with them and said they made a big difference in a good way. It would take about $4K to re-tube my amp with these. I am not in a hurry, just doing research. I can have VAC re-tube it for less than half of this. I think tubes will last a very long time in my amp, especially after I get the MK III upgrade on this amp when I take it to VAC this October. I can also get Gold Lion PX300B tubes for half of this, any one use those? I've had this amp a long time, I plan on keeping it until the grave so I want to do this right their first time even if I have to be patient and wait to afford a re tube. I am retired so disposable income is vastly reduced. I am just thankful i have so many fine audio pieces to enjoy now that I bought many years ago when I could.


Good comments! These premium tier 300bs are all excellent In my experience. Yet, each will match better with some amplifiers/circuits than others. Very individualistic process.


Please correct me if I have misunderstood what is being communicated in some of the above posts regarding 'resolution?'

In particular, I do not get how a specific tube can be "more resolving" (in the midrange... I presume) yet be simultaneously rolled off above and below (in the frequency range); in other words less resolved above and below.


I would agree with your assessment and understand what you mean by the Taks being more resolving. Sometimes there is just more there in the midrange, even if it means being more relaxed at the frequency extremes!


Don't buy EML tubes. Their 5 years warranty is crap.

I bought a pair, one failed only with 10 hs or so of use and they blame my amp as they said it had lower heater voltage than "recommended" by them. 

Well, my amp had about 7% lower than the 5v ideal heater voltage and they cover up to 5% of difference. 

I consulted other experts on the field and no tube can be broken by low heater voltage. I have Shuguangs and Golden Lion 300B working fine for years that back up these experts opinion.

Summarizing, don't buy EML and if you are an EML fan, I can sell you a brand new EML XLS 300B single tube, I cannot use alone, with a good discount.

I have had the opposite experience to you. I've owned a pair of EML 300 XLS for almost 6 yrs, and they are still going strong with no issues whatsoever. I've had terrible experiences with Sophia Electric Princess 300bs, where I had two different pairs fail. They tried to blame the failures on my amp, which of course isn't true, because they were the only brand that ever failed on my amp. I have nothing but high praise for the EML tubes, they sound amazing and are beyond reliable in my opinion. 

@spratan I have nothing but high praise for the EML tubes, they sound amazing and are beyond reliable in my opinion. 

100% agreed. I just replaced a pair of the EML XLS 300b after 12 years of very frequent usage in my 300b SET mono blocks. They provided superb sound quality and not a single reliability issue. I fully expect the same from my new replacement pair.