Has anyone compared old to new Audioquest Cables???

I would like some input from anyone with direct experience who has compared the older higher end Audioquest speaker cables that are now used and selling at an obvious reduced price from when they were new to the mid-level newer Audioquest cables like the Rocket 88 Series, just before the newer cables get really pricey.  I would be looking for bi-wire cables for my Vandersteen model 5A speakers.

Thanks in advance.

@bigkidz ,
You know John Rutan is the font of information when it comes to AQ cables.😁 I don't know why you haven't contacted him?
But, if you don't want to call him, I can tell you the newest cables from AQ are really something special.
Listening to the new William Tell series gave me goosebumps.-And this is from someone who never thought cables could make a significant difference.
Pricey? Yes.
Worth it? Well, if you have the funds available, yes, too.
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For some reason, not specifically planned, I have owned nearly all the older range of AQ speaker cables including  redwood to wild to wel. The difference (improvement) is pretty well obvious as you move up, so subject to money restrictions you should upgrade. It is a good point however to wonder if newly release AQ cables at each price point are improvements. Like you - I would be interested in hearing any PRACTICAL  comments, rather than from naysayers. I do not know what the current replacements are for what older ones. Anyone can advise?
I had Rocket 88 for about a year and moved to the William Tells about 6 months ago.  Major improvement.  I even brought them over to a cable naysayer and he bought a pair as well.  Also have the AQ Hurricane and Tornado power cords.  Once again, big improvement over the Y3.