Has anyone compared Rogue RP-7 to Cary SLP05 and / or Audio Research Ref 5se?

Currently using Rogue RP-7 and considering moving to either Cary SLP05 or Ref 5se.  Looking for a little mid range bloom.  

Thanks in advance for recommendations, comments, etc.


Rogue RP-7, AGD Audions, Bricasti M3, Joseph Audio Perspectives, Cardas Clear



One of the least discussed underrated preamp is Wavac PR-Z2.

I am yet to hear a preamp as musically true and balanced as this. It has the tube greatness but with pristine clarity, accurate tones and almost perfect staging.

Thanks @garyalex  and @ghdprentice  . That does sound like an interesting read and that's also interesting about the KT88/6550 swap.  A while back ago I retubed my v12 via Jim McShane.  He steered me away from KT77s. 

@testrun I’m considering the Cary SLP 05, moving from an RP-7 like you, and also into a GaN based amp (LSA Voyager 350). So I am very interested in how it is working out for you? And did you get the Ultimate Upgrade?

We have similar systems. I too have the Bricasti M3, and I was going to buy a pair of Joseph Pulsars, but bought Fyne F1-8 instead.

I also had a pair of Audions for a short while but returned them. I am surprised they have enough grunt to power the Perspectives.

The Cary is very nice.  Breaking in some NOS tubes but very happy.  I think it is my “end game” preamp, which was my goal.  It is a great balance between detail, midrange warmth, base and sound stage.  Sound stage is actually very good.    I’ll follow up after a few hundred hours more of listening.