Has anyone compared the Cary 308t vs. 303/300???

I am curious to hear if anyone has had the chance to compare these players head to head? Is the 303/300 head and shoulders above the 308t in terms of sound quality, justifying the price difference? All the added features of the 303/300 are nice, and demand a higher asking price, but I am mostly concerned with the presentation.
IMO 303/300 is night and day with 308T but I would choose the new Cary cdplayer and replacement of 308t.
Funny you ask. I would say the 303/300 has better detail and some other attributes (I listened but not in my system), but I was listening to my 308T last week with Mullard tubes (I heard there are better matches out there but don't tube roll much), and I was wondering what I could be possibly missing. I think the fact that the 308T is sooo musical with good tubes and the midrange and openness are enough to make you wonder if it can get better (I realize it can). It's ok if it doesn't have all the other attributes. Worth the price difference - that's a tough one. I haven't upgraded. But then again I work for a living.

I just think the 308T is one of those players that got something right. I've preferred it to more expensive, more detailed CD players, because of it's addictive - musical qualities. I just can't sell it. NOS tubes are a must.

The Cary to me is like a Jolida JD100's bigger brother (with much better detail) -That kind of addictiveness if you KWIM?

But head to head the 303/300 has more "audiophile" quailities going for it.
I'm thinking about the 308T to match with my Cary SLI-80 right now. I've also had good recommendations for the 306/200, which was given good reviews. Does Robm321 have a view regarding this comparison? I appreciate the comments re the JoLida JD-100 as, when I heard it, voiced with the JoLida 502b, it seemed timbrally rich, even saturated. Thinness is something I've encountered with a few players.
I think the 308T would match well with the Cary SLI-80. The tubed output is important to me, but I think you'll get better detail from the 306/200. For me I'd go with 308T, but I'm in the minority I think, so would recommend other comments.