Has anyone compared the Heresy to new KLH model 5?

Not interested in anything else at this time other than your opinion of how these two differ. Room is 12x15 and mainly listening to jazz for the most part, some classical and some occasional rock. I hear reports that the KLH has bigger soundstage, bigger bass, better imaging. Can others comment if they think this is correct. I currently have the Heresy II and was thinking about taking a chance on the KLH model 5 because of all the good reviews on YouTube but haven’t really discussed in a forum yet. Thanks for any thoughts or opinions.



I have not heard the KLH but the reviews mostly say it's a nice try at nostalgia but misses the mark as a great loudspeaker. How about some Harbeths? 

I bought the KLH Model 5’s.  I’m sending them back as they didn’t meet my expectations.  I recognized the positives of the speaker (reviewers have talked about the positives); however, the negatives were far worse than I can handle.

The negative, for me, was all about the lower midrange.  There were hollowed out and very thin sounding.  Perhaps I like a warm romantic sound.  They did have a lot of detail retrieval which is nice; but, not at the expense of a neutral to warm sound.

That said, some may find them extremely enjoyable…

I am a Klipsch Heritage guy. Have you damped the horns ( mids and tweets ) and the woofer baskets ? Crossover, too. Cleans them up considerably. Heresy IIs can use subwoofer help with the lowest octave. Without reading review after review, are you not getting good sound staging, bass and imaging ? Are you able to connect with the musicians; their playing, their artistry, their message to you ? What equipment are you using with the Klipsch ? What is the room like ? Have you played around with the speaker location / listening seat situation. Tweaked it ? I am answering your question in the only way I know how. My best.