Has anyone compared the Heresy to new KLH model 5?

Not interested in anything else at this time other than your opinion of how these two differ. Room is 12x15 and mainly listening to jazz for the most part, some classical and some occasional rock. I hear reports that the KLH has bigger soundstage, bigger bass, better imaging. Can others comment if they think this is correct. I currently have the Heresy II and was thinking about taking a chance on the KLH model 5 because of all the good reviews on YouTube but haven’t really discussed in a forum yet. Thanks for any thoughts or opinions.




music direct has these model 5’s with free shipping and 60 day satisfaction guarantee... time to stop being a keyboard jockey and youtube viewer - just buy and try... no one is going to tell you if you are going to like them


caryking, thanks for the update. Yea, can't imagine that wouldn't drive them nicely. I think jjss49 is right. Looks like I'll just have to get them for myself. I'll most likely just head over to Upscale Audio and just pick up a pair. They said they had them in stock and I better do it before the price goes up and be done. 


i bought the speakers because of all the reviewers. Perhaps, mine had something wrong with them…

i really wanted to like them. Like I said, they did a lot that I liked, and liked a lot; however, I’m a big fan of speakers with a little lower mid range bloom. These just didn’t do that. BTW, I burned these things in over 100 hours without a change in the issue I didn’t like.

I will say this: they have a big sound!

I've got the new KLH Model 5's and I love them - they are perfect for my system and my music (mostly rock and reggae), much more so than the Harbeth Super HL-5's that I just sold; these speakers do not sound at all similar to me, though they are a bit similar in physical size. Have not heard Heresy so cannot say anything there. 

See that one guy sends them back , the next guys loved them.  It’s a very personal decision, choosing a speaker.   Same with other gear but more so with speakers.   Hopefully they are a success and we see a model 9 !    My Dad had Model 12 when I was 5 and I drew on them with a crayon...... I get reminded of that occasionally