Has anyone done any business with Quads Unlimited lately???

I'm trying to get in touch with Wayne Picquet & it appears he is nowhere to be found. I've been calling & writing for 2 to 3 months.
Please help!!! 
Hi everyone sorry to see all
the negative about Wayne. I just came across this post looking for information on Wayne. I know he left a bunch of people in bad spots regarding money, I would be pissed off also. He struggled with health and other issues for many years but he loved making awesome quads. Wayne passed away a few weeks ago, we are not sure of what exactly yet, as he was homeless and found. I was looking for an obituary when I found this post. He was a really close friend of mine a long time ago and I truly loved the guy. He had really hard struggles for the last 15 + years. Rest In Peace Wayne. And sorry everyone just wanted you all to know. 
RIP Wayne.  For a time you served Quad fans well.  And then for a time.... many struggles and much suffering.  It is clear you were a troubled soul and that this life was not easy.  It is also sad that so many folks that once supported your work not treated well in the end and were abandoned.  But it is also clear that in your own way you were very talented and at one time had many supporters and fans.    Truly, RIP

I was looking for information regarding Wayne and found this tread.

I am very sorry that Wayne lived in the U.S.  Wayne had suffered from fainting spells for a period due to an undiagnosed heart condition. He had no money to access medical care and eventually those fainting spells lead to a major heart attack.

As I understand it, the lack of oxygen to his brain had a cumulative effect, along with the massive damage from the ultimate heart attack. 

I spoke to him months after the heart attack. His medical bills were crippling and he had no money for the follow up therapy he should have received. I tried to help him with various issues he had with his very old Honda, but I could tell he was in terrible shape, mentally, emotionally and especially financially.

If he lived in Canada he would have simply walked into any hospital, or rode in an ambulance for free, and would have been taken care of and eventually walked out with no money owing. Wayne would also have been able to access free therapy for his brain injury due to oxygen starvation.

I find the cold hearted comments about his character rather deplorable but also stereotypical of American attitudes I ran into when I dated a lady in Texas. I was taken aback many times by people's attitudes about rights to medical care and their fellow citizens.

It makes me very sad to hear of Wayne's struggles having become insurmountable and that he became homeless over a basic thing like a heart attack that most people in the rest of the developed world would have not comprehension of.

I am so sorry this was the way a talented person would experience life when he needed help.

RIP, Wayne.

How dare you?? I’m so glad you tried to help Wayne with his old Honda. I could have bought him 10 Hondas with the money he stole from me! Let your socialist medicine take care of addicts like Wayne, and watch your money go down the drain trying to help this poor soul! I won’t criticize our Canadian friends, I suggest you do the same!!!