Has anyone else heard Modwright PH150 Phono Stage?

If anyone else has heard the Modwright phonostages, I would like to hear your thoughts about the new Modwright PH150 phono stage, and the KWA 150SE power amp.
I do have the Modwright 150SE
I also have the LS100 pre-amp with the phono stage.
and a Modwright modded Sony SCDXA5400 CD player.
It all sounds fantastic and I have heard some very
expensive mega-buck equipment that didn't blow me
away at CES and Audio stores and shows.
I feel Modwright is excellent for a fair price.
Would I buy a Soulution Amp for $155,000 or a Porsche
Turbo Carrera ......I would buy the Porsche!
I haven't heard either of the pieces you are referring to, but I do have a Modwright SWP 9.0 SE phono stage, that I installed an upgraded power supply provided by Dan Wright.

NOS tubes are also being used. It's by far the best phono stage I've had the pleasure of owning, so I'm willing to bet the PH 150 would be a great choice.

I own both the SWP 9.0 and the PH-150, the PH-150 is an excellent phono and I would recommend it, black back ground, transparent and excellent dynamics. It did take quite a while to burn in and I didn't much like the stock 6922 tubes, a good pair of Amperex 6922 really makes it sing. That said, I still very much like the SWP.