Has anyone else heard the Calyx DAC 24/192?

I heard this unit last week and must say it sounded very good. I was at an audio store and they were comparing it to an M2Tech Young and Rega DAC. It was immediately apparent that this unit bettered both in terms of dynamics, ease of presentation, and low level detail. It was connected via Coax and they say that USB is better still. Just wondered if anyone else has experience with this unit. I am planning to try one in my system within the next couple weeks and will post a review.

I have it. Love it!... feeding with Mac Mini, Amarra Mini-I use HDTracks for source, but have to admit- iTunes dwnlds do a wonderful job also..i do have set up with usb---pushin' all this to set of Cain Cain single Bens, with Sunfire/Carver gear in middle (TGP5).power is Sophia monos..(91-01)..
I've heard that the Calyx supports 32/384 which is better than 32/192 on the Mac.
Anyone else care to weigh in? I'm trying to decide between this and Ayre qb-9, the Ayre having the advantage of used availability. I'd be buying the Calyx new and will take a hit, possibly substantial, when I want to upgrade.