Has anyone finally decided to sell their Turntable and Vinyl collection?

It Maybe a little strange to ask this question here since clearly this is a forum for folks still loving and using Vinyl.
So I am looking for some feedback from folks that play very little of their LPs these days and have decided to sell all of it (or already have). I have thought about it for years seems like a hassle trying to sell your TT and or your record collection, that is mainly why mine stays put (not because I use it).

Anyway if you have sold - (Not if you’re keeping it forever)

Have you regretted it?
Or is to nice to reduce the clutter and happily move on?

Some people would never sell their analog rig and collection, I get that.

"Believe it or not but back then everyone believed CD was 'perfect sound forever'". Uh, not everyone ;-) .
If you have quality gear and buy 180g vinyl only then I don't see how you can beat it. Take for example Tull - Aqualung album. First track side 2 - Cross Eyed Mary. I once had a room full of people in their 30's. I played a gold master CD version of it, then followed with the 180g vinyl. They all nearly fell out of their chairs! All jaws dropped, and people impressed who hate this kind of music. Says it all really! For me, I'm 53. Sold everything in 89 when I left the UK to move to the US. 10 years ago I got back into vinyl. Now I have the luxury of only buying the audiophile grade albums and I have to say I've been more than happy!
You have my respect and admiration. As I read your post the title from track 1 of Mark Knopfler’s “Kill To Get Crimson” came to mind: True Love Will Never Fade.”
Absolutely jazzcourier, I downloaded all my CDs to a hard drive and traded them in at Bullmoose Music for....Records:)))) I am so happy to be rid of those crappy plastic cases that crack and come apart with script on crappy paper that you can not read. It rips when you slide it out anyway.
The record jacket is art. Just ask Neon Park and you can actually read it.
It is the right size for a human. The CD is for Lilliputians.
Do Records sound better? Not always especially if Rykodisc is pressing them. I have a 45 rpm  MoFi pressing of Bob Dylan's Desire. I also have a 96/24 download of the same record. I synced them up and played them for friend and everyone including myself preferred the Mofi version. It had a tube like euphoria to it that was probably not accurate but as Nelson Pass said, "Audiophiles do not care about accurate. They just want to be happy." Give up my records? Shoot I buy 3-4 new ones every week!