Has anyone found Audio Nirvana?

Just want to know how many of you have found Audio Nirvana. Please list you equipment..
I have.

Gear (I have other gear as well but these are key ingredients/ones that matter most):

Audio research and Bel Canto amplification
Bel Canto and mhdt DACs
OHM speakers
DNM Reson ICs and Pangea Power Cords (to a much lesser extent)
Phono section is Linn Axis, Denon DL103R, Electrocompaniet stepup transformer + Mu metal foil shielding around step up transformer

I’ve found the OHM speakers to be the most irreplaceable for maintaining "audio nirvana".

Sorry, no fuses making this list to-date.  :^)

I have heard a large number of expensive/exotic systems that  - initially - didn't reach listenability, let alone audio nirvana.  As a result, I tend to think too much emphasis is put on equipment and not enough on system/room optimisation.

Not stated as fact, just my observations from voicing hundreds of systems.


Jim Smith
I think it's more a state of mind than a state of equipment. Someone could have an exotic system and go through all the various adjustments, cables, all that stuff, but just be listening to equipment.  Then they downgrade to a good pair of standmount speakers with a decent integrated amp and realize that they are more relaxed mentally just listening to music and not fooling around with equipment.  Something like that at least.