Has anyone had a laser replaced in a Audio Research CD-3 MKII

Audio Research wants 1806.00 to repair the laser in my CD-3 player.........There's got to be a better way ???   W
Let me first say that Audio Research has changed hands and there repair polices have changed, secondly they repair 5-7 units for me a year....They have maybe found a source for lases now, so they don't have to replace the entire transport......My understanding is also that Philips is not supporting that transport anymore either, but I have found in this world of information we do not always get correct or true information.......I do know that most of the "Chinese made lasers are of very poor quality .....Because I have had some of the on-line repair guys (e-bay) use them with poor results.......So that's all I know for now..........  
The laser assy I purchased from AR seems to be identical to the original in my CD-1, but it is not obvious how to do the remove/replace, as it seems to be attached to a floating assembly.  Don't want to force anything and potentially break parts; does anyone have the instructions on how to do this?

I just contacted AR and for my CD-3 they want 350.00 for the entire assembly. I will probably go for it.



Not a bad price at all. Keep me posted on your repair progress.


Happy Listening!