has anyone had any problems w/ Jasmine phono LP2.0

One of either channels stops working.
I have already returned the unit back to China twice
They have replaced the unit and now it's gone down for the third time. I contacted a local tech in NYC and was advised
it probably would not be worth having the unit repaired.
Has anyone else had this problem? Can anyone recommend a tech
here in the states preferably in the New York area
Keithtexas, I have modest skills with electronics. So, take pictures along the way as you disassemble the unit. Note the location of the loading (ohms) switch before you remove the knob. Remove the locking nut of the switch for the cartridge MM/MC.

Before accessing the PCB (printed circuit board), desolder the DC 24 V connections. Purchase finely-braided desoldering wire. This is the best at wicking the solder. Make a drawing of the wires and their locations. Desolder the ground wire.

From their I believe you can now unscrew the PCB. The output capacitors are easily identified. They are the largest and are labeled 1 UF. The replacement caps will be much larger. Conform the wires to fit in the slots. There are extra holes for longer caps. Use them.

Avoid overheating the connections.

Reassemble the unit and enjoy. I prefer to use silver-bearing solder. Radio Shack carries it as well as Parts Express.

Also, review the Humble Hifi Cap Test website for even better rated caps. The Jantzen Silver Superior Z caps are even better.

View some of the images of the Jasmine using a Google search.

Feel free to private message me if you have other questions.
Hi Truenai...(what a name), I am continously messing with different carts of both kinds. In some sense it was inevitable to forget to switch from MM to MC input or the other way round. That is how I discovered that the MM input has sufficient amplification for some MC carts. But my highest MC carts output is 0,5 mV (Ortofon MC 25FL). My discovery was of the 'optical nature' and not acoustical one. I am not sure what this imply for my hearing capabilities but my surprise was of, say, the 'general nature'.

Redglobe, My dear comrade Don bought the new Jasmine with the double phono input. When I consulted the Einstein designer about one added phono-input he refused resolute to make one for me. According to him this will harm the sound.I then decided to buy the Basis Exclusive with two separate and mutual independent phono-pres. I use two tonearms on my Kuzma and was very reluctant to use just one input for both arms. I advised my comrade Don to change the caps for the Jantzen superior but also to change the inside wire for the same kind he uses in his tonearm and IC to the amp. That is what I deed in my 'old Jasmine'. The caps exchange was easilly done but he was not able to change the wire because the new Jasmine has much more complex wiring than the old one. From both 'facts' I deduce that the old Jasmine is a better proposition assuming the caps exchange.
Dear Nandric, Thank you for the note about the wiring upgrade/limitations. I wish you all the best.
I just finished adding a couple of ClarityCap MRs to the phono stage of mine. Wow, noticeable improvement. It's an easy soldering job, extra holes on the board easily accommodate the larger caps. The biggest ordeal is disassembling the thing. Worthwhile change for sure if you are capable.