Has anyone had eperience with the new sony xa5400e

Just wanted to see how many people have actually used this player and what were there thoughts on it
Winoguy17, I asked the question because I was hoping to get answers from people that were more than "this player is soo soo great, which I have recieved on this thread. People keep saying its a great value for the money, but for the price its listed as new is there somthing better used. Ill give an example my brother bought a used Acura for the same price as a new Kia. The Kia is a great value for the money, a new car for 13000. For 13000 I can get a nice lightly used acura which I would much rather have. Im not suggesting that the sony is like a kia, I know its a great player I just want to find out if theres somthing better used for the same money. Infact Ive narrowed it down to 2 other players which I have heard and liked, the esoteric dv50s or the naim cd5i. Being that Ive heard those 2 players and like them I would normally buy one of those, but Ive been so taken in by this sony player I thought Id check it out before I pulled the trigger on the naim or esoteric
I really like it in my system. I don't know of any used cdp's that might improve on it for the new price of the 5400 (I paid 1100) If you already have some sacd's and your current player isn't working out- I'd say go for it, if you can spare the cash right now.
How does this compare to the Marantz Ki Pearl player? Has anybody heard both?

What the hell do you expect people to say if they are indeed satisfied with the 5400ES? In my system it replaced a very good sounding DVP-S9000ES; my only other comparison is an Esoteric SA-60 in my cousin's system. The 5400ES portrays timbre extremely well, and has excellent frequency and dynamic range. Soundstage is very good. Compared to the unit it replaced, it sounds smoother yet with more detail and better low frequency response. Although I really like the Esoteric SA-60, I suspect in a side-by-side comparison I'd pick the 5400ES every time even without factoring in cost.

My vintage processor does not have HDMI, so I've only used the analog XLR from the 5400ES.

I had it, liked it very much, thought it was an absolute steal for the $$. Sold it because it did not surpass my CEC TL1X/Dodson 218 combo, which costs considerably more. But if I were looking for a one-box for less than $5K, I certainly would seriously consider the Sony. Very musical and easy to live with.