Has anyone had good experiences with trading?

I am thinking about going from separate pre and power to an intergrated. Has anyone here had good experiences trading equipment or should I just sell what I have first.

Thanks in advance for your input.
I would think trading is ok but kinda limits you to finding what you really might want. I realy think your better off selling what you have and go on the used market and find exactly what your looking for.To me the best bargains are from those guys/girls that seem to buy every six months and can't figure the whole thing out...There are many great deals out there.You just have to do your homework!
I've also had some successful trades. It usually entails more phone time though.
I've had nothing but great luck trading on Audiogon. It's fun for me and lets you try stuff you might not buy but would like to try. I have found that the people that reply to trade offers usually are very caring of their equipment and are not motivated by profit but by the sound of music.
I've had quite a few successful trades as well. I like them because they eliminate a step or two, so that you get the gear you want faster. It's also more fun, I always am interested in what people may offer in trade, and what they might accept in return. The only downside is that sometimes, usually with people with less experience, the other party can be a bit unrealistic as far as what their gear may be worth in trade. Other than that it's all positive.
It's nice to know that Audiogon is open to "audio swingers" and that they consider "swapping" and "trading" good, clean fun.