Has anyone heard from bdp24 lately?

He just passed through my thoughts this evening, and when I checked I saw that he hasn't posted since September. I hope that he's OK.


EJ ! Dude …… so good to hear from you - i will be up in Early Pac NW Spring to insist on helping you get the system UP n running and playing music. Obviously many have missed your posts…. 


Great to hear that @bdp24 is alive and well!


About ebm, there is the chance he is just hanging out there and thinking its:

Time to kick ass and take names!!

Glad to hear you are ok, @bdp24. A year or more ago, I was reported here as dead, and a few folks posted. While it was interesting to see those first couple comments, it felt weird, and I had to post to say, "Nope, all good here." Like I said, glad you are kicking. What the hell are you going to do with all those drums, man?