Has anyone heard of these speaker?

I picked up a pair of TETRASOUND speakers in a pawn shop and they are incredible...I have heard they were developed by an Canadian. Does anyone have other information on these?
I believe the are long out of business. I did a quick search on them a while back and came up empty. I have heard they are fantastic speakers though. I considered buying a pair last year for around 800 CDN.
Nuguy...I agree they are fantastic...I would like to pick up another pair ... if you were considering buying a pair... where were they for sale... another pawn shop?
There was a local collector who was selling the speakers last year. I don't think there are many around, let alone for sale, If I recall correctly, they were Canadian and sold in the seventies or early eighties.

Roofus... these are not the speakers I have... they are not self adjusting to any room and they do not have the no microphone feedback... tetraspeakers came into business right after Tetrasound was put out of business.