Has anyone heard or tried the new Naim Dac?

I am really curious how well it will
preform with non-Naim transports or
the Wadia itransport.
Hey Jr, thanks for the review link. I just read it and it seems they think a lot of it just like I did. They use a lot better audiophile terms though, I just use my own words :). I'm also going to try out different coax cables. I just bought one for $20 at Radio Shack, the auvio. After I use it for a couple of weeks, I will try another one, moving up to a more expensive one each time. I'll probably try 5-6 altogether. I want to try the SR and MIT's Oracle,I heard it's fantastic, but it should be for the money. I've decided to upgrade my amps, so I am going to do that first, then get the Simaudio. After I get it I will let everyone know what it sounds like. Sandra
A review just came out in HIFICRITIC. Vary favorable, it was largely insensitive to transports, they tried several and there wasn't much difference. The best was a Meridian 200, which makes me happy as I have 2 and use them with my own DACs. How much is this going for in the US, my google search only got me UK sources?
"I thought it was somewhat bright sounding, with a definite digital sound. It was detailed though, and if your system would sound better with a detailed, bright sound then maybe you would like it."

I'm listening to the Naim DAC right now via USB stick with WAV files. Very analog sounding . . definitely leans to the dark side. It has a tonally rich quality & flow to it that's quite addictive. The biggest compliment I can give it is that I forget I'm listening to digital.
I bought it thinking it would be similar to the Naim CDS2/XPS that I owned and admired c 2000-03. It's very good and even better when fed with a high res file. I found the 44.1 sound to be typical Naim, a bi forward and opaque in imaging ie. you hear all the voices out in front and seeming to be on the same plane. This quality was diminished when playing an HRX track via USB. The comparison was for 44.1 was between the Naim and my Boulder DAC. My relative, whose system the Naim was intended, felt the Naim to be a bit bright; we went with an Accuphase DC801 in the end in their system.