Has anyone heard Rega's Isis CDP?

Rega has always made very musical products for their asking price, I am wondering with their new SOTA Isis player how good it is? How does it compare to EMM, DCS, Esoteric, ect? Any feedback would be appreciated.
I heard it in combination with their Osiris amp at a meeting of our local audio club. Honestly, I thought it was good but nothing extraordinary. I can’t really pinpoint exactly why I was underwhelmed—maybe it was the fact that it wasn’t terribly musical, IMO—but the combo just didn’t move me, despite doing all the typical audiophile-checklist things. Just my opinion.
Heard it with a variety of amps/speakers (it was the constant). Kind of agree with Hooper, nice but didn't make me go wow, which it should at that price.
HIFICRITIC has reviewed it, gave it a rating of 83 on their scale, which is excellent, see their site under Colloms Ratings for others ratings. The gist of the review is that it is one of the best on market and nothing better in its price range. They felt it was better than the amp, which they also liked.