Has anyone heard th enew Epiphany's??

OK all...how many of you heard these (the 12/12's) at the show last week? What were your comments about the speaker both with and without the sub-woofer. Thanks for your comments.
Albert said:
"Not only was the system breaking in, the Epiphany's were moved several times as were the sub woofers."

That kind of a circus is ridiculous. These professionals are supposed to have this stuff all worked out on set-up day. Good preparation demands all broken-in components, and the system should be SET before the public ever gets in the door. Otherwise, they're failing to satisfy their potential customers and wasting the considerable amount of money they have to shell-out to exhibit at the show.
I had the same reaction as Albert did. I wanted to "like" this speaker ....but just could not get comfortable with the sound. I was also not sure when the sub was in or out? Yes, Golden Ears....you are correct. The folks from Epiphany should have done a better job at their home work in setting up this speaker. The price is so enticing ...now they must work on the sonics.
Another room observation from another thread, (the Merlin room) a case-in-point. I don't want to "harp", but it's just so significant to my earlier point....
(I corrected your typos John ;-)

"The Epiphany room was a huge disappointment. There were 3 rows of 3 seats, and I had the center seat back row. All of the seats were full. After about 5 minutes of listening, I asked the guy behind me (an Epiphany employee) why the sound was only coming from the left hand side? He said he thought it was the recording (which made me wonder why they would select it). No one else was saying anything. After another minute or so, I couldn't stand it any more so I got up and walked over to the right channel speaker and put my ear up next to it, and it wasn't playing!! This revelation sent the room into a flurry of activity, trying to debug the problem. Later, when it was corrected, I asked if the large subwoofer was playing, and the answer was 'we think so, but its not set very loud'. OK guys. At that point I left. Presumably, they got their act together later on in the show, since I was one of the first people there on Friday morning.
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