Has Anyone heard The Boulder 1021 CD player?

Recently saw pictures of this unit and read a brief description on their website. Looks impressive, but how does it sound. This is new territory for Boulder. I hear it was somewhere at CES.
Little feedback on this unit so far. Surprised no one has heard it. Seems like a novel approach to CD playback.
i was at ces and heard it in the boulder room.

it's a cd player, nothing special. i won't comment on its value and since it was part of an all boulder system, one really needs to audition it in one's own system.

i'll go out on a limb and suggest at that price, consider the amr, instead.
Absolutely the finest gear built. 24K buys you serious performance, boulder reliability, exceptional functionality & above all the finest sounding front end EVER ! I am a dealer for various CD Players. This is by far the sweetest sounding unit.
Very strange. MP3, OGG WAV, AIFF and FLAC files support but no support for SACD or DVD-Audio. $1m in R&D and they bypassed hi-rez?

I've heard it in a very fine system. Jaybo has it right -- nice player, but CDs still sound like CDs, even for 24k.