Has anyone heard the Kuzma 4 Point arm?

Since there is SO much great,original thinking going on in Audiogon these days(not from me)I thought I might scoop those curious folks,and provide some fuel for thought.

I've been following the "word of mouth" about this arm for quite some time.It just tweaked my interest,because it seemed such a novel idea(and I had bought a new arm in the last few months,though a different design)but I knew little about it....Until now!!

This arm has just gotten a "Product of the Year Award" from the latest HiFi Plus(Roy Gregory).He goes on to proclaim this "original" design as a breakthrough in analog replay!!!

I know,a "reviewer's opinion,but c'mon,it's fun! -:)

Now,in case you don't know,Roy Gregory has been thoroughly reviewing some amazing arms in the last few issues,and does seem to know a thing about analog replay,so his incredible enthusiasm for this new "4 Point" arm is eye opening!!

Of course I am very curious about the potential performance this arm can bring to the table,because I am SO enamored with the Air-Line arm,and if this is competitive,we might be able to get closer to a "linear's performance envelope"(though this one is a pivot).

You can download the review on the Kuzma web-site,so have a fun read.

A 4Point was demonstrated at CES with one of the new Kuzma cartridges and will be on demo at the AXPONA show in April.
If you are interested you can check my last 4point review at: http://www.hifilive.es/2014/02/27/kuzma-stabi-ref2-4point/

In less than a month we will have an english version.