Has anyone heard the latest Chapman Speakers

My understanding is the new Flagship is the model T-77. The prototype model Q6 which I reviewed 2 years ago is being produced as the model T-6 Mk.2.
Greetings, we spoke a short time ago as I was deciding on pursuing the T-77. It will likely take a few months before they are ready for delivery. You are most welcome then to come up and have an extended listening session in my HT.

Recently, I picked up my second set of T-7's; interesting that I have one set made in '94 which has the paper Scanspeak mid with convex dustcap, and the other made in '95 which has the doped paper mid with concave duscap. In addition, the '95 model has a three way toggle switch to adjust for "Brightness". It seems this was a relatively short run feature for the T-7's, but I find it interesting to listen to the different settings.

I'm quite excited about the T-77's that are being worked on for me. I don't know if I'm at liberty to discuss the details, but the speaker is moving in a direction that will yield even better sonic results than the stock T-77.
Stuart and I are talking about the details of the speakers on a weekly basis. I have sent him a set of my Harmonic Technology Pro 9 speaker cables to use in the setup of the speakers.

The T-7's are already the best speaker I have ever owned/heard in my system (and I've had some pretty good economical speakers - Vandersteen 2CE's, Magnepan 1.6's, Eminent Technology LFT-8A's). I'm very keyed up to hear the T-77's!

I also would love to see some comments here from owners of T-77's, however, I am not sure how many have been produced yet.