Has anyone heard the modified TRL/Sony DVP-NS900V

I was viewing a previous thread on this forum regarding the TRL modified Sony DVP-NS900V SACD player, but it is now gone. Has anyone had experience with this Sony SACD player?

This is a reference player without a doubt. As most have heard by now they had to drag the reviewers out of the room this player was being demonstrated at the CES show. If one decides to get the battery pack option, forget the number. Nothing on the planet currently can compete with this unit modded to the max. Take it for what it is worth!
You should hear the Sony 900 with the CRL power cord. Even with the battery supply ...

I recently switched out the power cord I was using on the TRL/Sony 900V (3rd generation mod by my estimates) and was also startled by the change it brought. Many of the increases in performance Paul has mentioned that will come with his next mod to my unit (DC, just can't beat it!), manifested with the power cord switch. I've known for some time the critical nature of power cords and your power "system" in general, but the dramatic nature of this increase in audio dynamics and quality was unique and very pleasing :-)
Sorry for the hi-jack-
I recently received my 595 back from TRL.
Does anyone have an idea of the burn in time that is necessary before I'm getting "most" of the character of my new machine?