Has anyone heard the new PS Audio Perfect Wave?

What are your thoughts on the new Perfectwave DAC and transport? I heard it and was pretty blown away. The one disappointment is you cannot play SACD's. The sound quality has me thinking of what the future of audio will sound like.
..a friend of mine has the pair and was playing one of the 'reference recording' HR-X discs..rachmoninoff's 'symphonic dances' last week and it was amazing...
I have a friend that has them...and he says it's fantastic sounding in his system. He has an outstanding stereo system, but he lives in another state so I haven't heard it myself.

I've read a few posts somewhere on the web, by people that heard them, and weren't impressed at all?...not sure what to think about this?

My friend did say it's the best he has heard from digital.

I own the PerfectWave Dac and Transport combo which I purchased here on A'gon. My family and I were blown away by the quality of these components. My first test was to play a SACD of Carmina Burana so I'm not sure why you believe the PerfectWave system is incable of playing SACDs.

One caveat to you is that I am fairly recent audiophile so I do not have the experience in testing audio components as many people here. However, I can tell you I love my PerfectWave system and highly recommend it with this caveat in mind.