Has anyone heard the new PS Audio Strata, Integrated Amp/DAC/streamer?

PS audio, is introducing an integrated amp with a DAC that looks interesting.
It can also stream from most popular services.
It is said to output 200 wpc at 4 ohms.
Does anyone have any experience with it yet?
I've had separates for years now, but this looking pretty impressive, if it has the headroom for my Maggie 1.6's.
I got an email from them 2 days ago that they are looking for beta testers so I expect it won't be out for maybe a few more months. If you're interested in it, you might also check out the NAD M10 and Arcam SA-30 which are in the same price range as the PS Audio. Both of those also have room correction built in, if that floats your boat.
I've been in contact with PS audio and found out that the Beta program is still being designed, so they have no details on the t's & c's of the program so far.
I don't know how well room correction works in the real world and haven't seen much positive press on it so it's not something I'm currently seeking out, but I'll look into the NAD and the Arcam.
Thanks for your suggestion.
The NAD has USB-A input to play local files via a portable HD. The Arcam might have it too but I'm not familiar. PS Audio has never supported this and I don't think they ever will. They've spent years working on a multi $K server for your local needs.
It's a huge swiss army knife. Good price point. But with a streamer, DAC, bluetooth, etc. inside, I would be a little concerned that it might be outdated too quickly. Maybe they figured that piece out. It's one thing to buy that cute little Sprout for 700 buck, but this is going to be $3000.