Has anyone heard the Simaudio Andromeda cdp ?

Could be interesting @ $9800 retail.
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I have heard it with the P8, W8 and JM Lab Utopias. The combo was very nice. The background was the darkest of any system I have ever heard. It was very neutral with lots of detail. Way out of my price range but, I have a nice dealer that lets me listen to whatever I want.

The diplay is horrbile. All of the digits are way too big.
Hi-Fi + has a review in their latest issue...didn't get real excited about it.
Answer to Brrgrr: that's because they had an original unit, which has since been updated. I was told all Andromedas out there have the update. The magazine received a sample that was sent out before the unit hit the market, in order to get the review done as fast as possible. Check out What Hi-Fi's review, and the review in Ultra Audio (part of Soundstage!) - you'll see how they raved about it.