Has anyone heard the Stage III Kraken power cord

I am using Stage III Minotaurs now and was thinking of upgrading to the Kraken. I use the Minotaurs on a BMC AMP C1 and also a BMC BDCD 1.1 cd player and am very curious about the Kraken. My speakers are the SalkSound HT2-TL'S with Acoustic Zen absolute speaker cables.
Here is a little of what I know about the new Pc's ..he new TRITON cable is a somewhat smaller, lighter version of the KRAKEN but it employs all of the same technology. http://aaudioimports.com/ShowProduct.asp?hProduct=245

The TRYDENT is essentially the same as the TRITON, however it does not use the Palladium/Silver alloy conductors and employs a different shielding technology.

@audiolabyrinth , thanks , glad my post was of interest .

@Jafant , no offense but that is some half baked information . Could you provide the links , from where you deduce your statement .

I would like to add that I am currently using an entire Stage iii reference loom including their Digital Chimaera . I do not find the Gryphon XLR in any way to be limiting performance . Previous attempts of running a single coherent loom , at least for me have failed miserably . I have been adopting a mix n match approach , that is until I have been led back to the fold, by what the Stage iii loom brings , namely a room filling full bodied organic sound , without detail being obscured . No mean balancing act this !!!
@ Boeing, you are welcome, I enjoyed your last post as well, I run a full loom of Taralabs best cables my self with NO having to chase the cables by the tail syndrome of mixing cables., Bravo!
Not to derail this thread but I'm looking at Stage III power cords for my for Atma-Sphere M60 monoblocks. The problem is that the Kraken is waaaaay to expensive for me, (I was hoping to get something in the $700'ish range). I see the Stage III vortex for sale at the moment, (a little more than $700), and was wondering if anyone on this thread could speak to how that particular Stage III cable would sound relative to it's much more expensive siblings?

Thanks very much.
Bhoage, I thought at first that the new Triton $6k or Tritian $3k might be your answer, but all that I can say is that I heard the Kraken versus the previous Magnus and it made that cable sound broken immediately.
@ Tbg, Hi, Do you know someone that can help find some answers for Bhoage?, It appears that somebody on this thread may be of help?