Has anyone made the jump to $uper High end and were disappointed?

I'm talking $50,000 and higher amps, speakers, cablesetc. I know there is excellent sounding gear from $100 to infinity (much is system dependent, room, etc). However, just curious if someone made the leap and deep down realize the "expected" sound quality jump was not as much as the price jump. Unfortunately, I'm not in a position to make that jump. However, looking at another forum's thread about price point of diminishing returns got me wondering if anyone had buyers remorse. It's not easy to just "flip" a super high priced component. 
Note that it is absolutely possible to make a recording sound better. It might not sound better than the music did in the room when recorded (uh huh), but I've put a bit of EQ on things here and there for decades if I want to…because I can and I'm going to and you can't stop me…so there.
I went to sound show couple of months ago and heard systems that cost twice /triple and more compare to mine .
Did it sounded better than mine ?
Yes it did.
Did it sounded twice/triple and more compare to my system ?
No it didn’t !!!
My conclusion is that I am happy with my system and I will not splash extrovagent amounts on expensive high end systems to achieve a minor improvement to what I alreay have.
The right way is to build carefully the correct system for your needs ,throwing away a lot of money for expensive gear is certainly not a guarantee for a good system .
After a certain point, it's all diminishing returns.  That last 5-10% will often cost you dearly. 

You also can't tell anything from a show.  Determining your system sounds better than a show system is saying nothing at all.  At best a show is a place for you to get an idea of items you might want to seriously audition later.

Can we please stop using the ridiculous argument that's being attacked but has never been made by anyone: that high price = high performance.  Of course money doesn't correspond to performance but that doesn't mean it can't.  In many cases, the best components are obscenely expensive.  That's life in the low volume world.  Did I want to believe that the D'Agostino M400s are as amazing as reported.  No and I didn't want to pay the price either.  But reality is reality, and they are not only as good as reported, but you'll not find anything on that level for half the price.