Has anyone noticed a slow down in sales?

Usually when I list something on Audiogon I sell it within a week but lately a lot of zero activity even after checking blue book. Notice any slow down?


Did anyone see the Focal Sopra 3 ad yesterday for under 5 grand listed here?  Didn’t look yet, wonder if it has been taken down?  Rated an 8 too.  I hope no one fell for it, I notified CS about it.  

Right after Christmas, during a recession? When big tech are terminating 10s of 1000s of employees…. And you’re wondering about slow sales? Really??

Yeah bro

I usually buy whenever I feel like it, I’ve also slowed down.  Don’t like the uncertainty


I think this hobby requires a lot of time and money which most people in the 20s, 30s and 40s don't have, they rather travel, raise kids, buy stocks, real estate, etc.

But just like writing, listening to music as more appealing than ever, thanks to streaming and affordable headphones and systems