Has anyone shipped things back to China?

Long story short
I bought a DAC from Musical Paradise and am considering returning it, or maybe selling it if return shipping is a hassle.

The DAC was about $1300 and I'm guessing I could sell it for $1k if I needed to.

Has anyone shipped an audio component back to China?
Thoughts on the process or how it turned out?

Shipping back will be a PITA as well as EXPENSIVE but you will still end up recouping $ as opposed to trying to sell,which will likely end up selling for around 35% of what you paid..Use DHL...
I advise against it, the expense of shipping to China is one issue but the main problem is whether it will get there. I sent something during the first stage of the pandemic and it never arrived. 
Research before you buy, I am near purchasinga  new Cayin SC6 mark2 preamp from chinahifi, ship is $160 and unit $1300, I know i can resell it for $1K on ebay if I d not like it. But my hunch is like 99% its a keeper. 
Hchinahifi is willing to give me a  $60 discount on shipping if i upload a  YT vid shwing off the unit,,,I really do not want the $60,,I  make vids on all my components. Return would cost $400, so best i dump  on ebay,, but its very unikely senario. 
Research is the key. 
For $1400 you could have boughta  cayin CD17 mark2, and been very happy ,,or resell on ebay for a  quick sale @ $1100.,, Shipping back to china is very expensive and may take 2-3 months ship time, CV19 has china shipping extremely slow, unless its a  epacket which is near noraml 1 week. 
Research here on audiogon by asking questions, and comparing resale value is the key to making wise decisions. 
That DAC may not be well know = slow sell time, I'd put it up for bid start at $700,,,if you do not get any bids,,now you know no one is interested and so place on bid start at $600. 
10 days, reserve at $800. 
Hope some of this helps, My opinions are based on lengthy reserach and 40+ years exp.
You need to include the cost of insurance in your shipping, so that may increase the cost considerably. If you don't have a business discount courier shipping rates are quite high. Assuming you use of the main couriers, i.e. FEDEX, DHL, OOPS (UPS), then you could be looking at 7-14 days even though you send priority. Customs delays into China now are the norm, not the exception. Some of that is for quarantine, some of that is just to be difficult I think.  That assumes the receiver is expedient in their communications with China customs. Ask the receiver for their China Customs registration number and put it on the paper work if you ship back. It's 9 or 10 digits if I remember.
Should you choose to sell, don’t forget to disclose the annoying clicking noise on COAX output to avoid buyer’s remorse and PayPal dispute!
@mozartfan I thought I did enough research, lol. I read plenty on it and everyone loves the thing. It actually does sound fantastic and has improved my listening time. But it's got an issue I won't live with. 
Oh well, live and learn. This is the last piece of equipment that I will buy directly from China that isn't super cheap. 
Of course I would explain why I'm not keeping it. 
Maybe I'm just sensitive, but posting what you did and linking my previous post to it seems like you're calling me out and expecting me to be a dick to a potential buyer. 
That post/query you linked isn't the only place I posted that question. I'm not trying to hide anything. 
Thanks everyone.
If Garry at MP can't resolve my issue, I'll end up posting it FS and hoping for the best with a lesson learned under my belt. 
Oh well, live and learn. This is the last piece of equipment that I will buy directly from China that isn't super cheap.

Close, you're very close. Almost there. Why buy anything made in China? Direct or otherwise? Cheap or expensive? Any way you slice it, if China is in there anywhere, what reason is there to think anything will be all that different?