Has anyone shipped things back to China?

Long story short
I bought a DAC from Musical Paradise and am considering returning it, or maybe selling it if return shipping is a hassle.

The DAC was about $1300 and I'm guessing I could sell it for $1k if I needed to.

Has anyone shipped an audio component back to China?
Thoughts on the process or how it turned out?

Shipping back will be a PITA as well as EXPENSIVE but you will still end up recouping $ as opposed to trying to sell,which will likely end up selling for around 35% of what you paid..Use DHL...
I advise against it, the expense of shipping to China is one issue but the main problem is whether it will get there. I sent something during the first stage of the pandemic and it never arrived. 
Research before you buy, I am near purchasinga  new Cayin SC6 mark2 preamp from chinahifi, ship is $160 and unit $1300, I know i can resell it for $1K on ebay if I d not like it. But my hunch is like 99% its a keeper. 
Hchinahifi is willing to give me a  $60 discount on shipping if i upload a  YT vid shwing off the unit,,,I really do not want the $60,,I  make vids on all my components. Return would cost $400, so best i dump  on ebay,, but its very unikely senario. 
Research is the key. 
For $1400 you could have boughta  cayin CD17 mark2, and been very happy ,,or resell on ebay for a  quick sale @ $1100.,, Shipping back to china is very expensive and may take 2-3 months ship time, CV19 has china shipping extremely slow, unless its a  epacket which is near noraml 1 week. 
Research here on audiogon by asking questions, and comparing resale value is the key to making wise decisions. 
That DAC may not be well know = slow sell time, I'd put it up for bid start at $700,,,if you do not get any bids,,now you know no one is interested and so place on bid start at $600. 
10 days, reserve at $800. 
Hope some of this helps, My opinions are based on lengthy reserach and 40+ years exp.