Has anyone tried a linear power supply with a Weiss 204 or 205?

I recently purchased the 205 and am enjoying it.   Just curious if anyone has tried a linear power supply with it, and if so, what if any difference they heard...




Just wanted to mention that Dan Wright from ModWright is designing a LPS for the 204. He is making just a few betas first and I am on the list. If others are interested, they may want to reach out as there might be a few left in the initial queue. First heard about it here in the forums.

@surround4life, yes 204/Plixir my current DAC, yes I feel the Plixir is an improvement in all ways, some subtle, but worthwhile

@cbrez how did you contact Daniel Wright? I will be getting the dac 204 in a week and curious about this power supply upgrade.                                                 @jw944ts is the plixir like way better than the stock SMPS? Where do you get the pkixir in the states and which one, 5v-9v?

For everyone else, is this really a big upgrade over the stock power brick? My first time with this much of a high end dac.Will any of these other LPS units be just as good or do they all sound good. Thanks

yes, Plixir was a nice improvement, not huge, but across the board....bought from Gramophone in Edmonton, Cananda...the resulting combination sounds amazing...caveat, I am not one to go around A/B testing, so I have not truly compared to others....just with and without the Plixir, and I would say it is a worthwhile additon

@jw944ts Thanks, which one did you get? which voltage one?