has anyone tried chinese cables?

Some of the cables on Ali Express, for example, look nice.  Of course, things like "Odin 2" cables for a few hundred dollars aren't legit, and the number of Cardas copies are legendary.  That doesn't necessarily mean they all suck.  They probably aren't all trademark-infringing ripoffs.  Lots of good hifi products are made in China, and those factories need to stay busy.  Asking if anyone has actually tried them; there's no way to tell visually what lies inside the insulation, or whether occ 7n copper really is only 6n. 
It’s amazing that the power cord sold on Aliexpress costs less than $50 but from the looks and build quality it looks more like $500, or more. Haven’t really tried any since I already own some pretty costly cords in my main system but may be tempted to try 1 or 2 for my bedroom setup.

An interesting observation is some even have a "Made in USA" stamped on the plugs. Nice.
Chinese made Monolith USB Cable from Monoprice has solid core copper silverplated cables for the USB signal, and is extremely well shielded. It is not just a good cable at its very low price, it is a very good USB cable-period! It compares favorably with similar AudioQuest cables. https://www.monoprice.com/product?p_id=33463
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FWIW, I took a chance and bought 30’ of silver plated, 7 nines copper ribbon cable, 12 strands 16 gauge each, FEP insulated, or so it said.  Built a bi-wire set and in my system they sound amazing.  I suppose I’d have to borrow/buy commercial product to compare, but honestly I don’t feel the need to do that, they tick all the boxes in term of bass, detail and soundstage.  The rest of my system uses Schroeder-Dueland IC’s and Nordost coax and these synergize really well.  I think cost with shipping was $330.00.