has anyone tried chinese cables?

Some of the cables on Ali Express, for example, look nice.  Of course, things like "Odin 2" cables for a few hundred dollars aren't legit, and the number of Cardas copies are legendary.  That doesn't necessarily mean they all suck.  They probably aren't all trademark-infringing ripoffs.  Lots of good hifi products are made in China, and those factories need to stay busy.  Asking if anyone has actually tried them; there's no way to tell visually what lies inside the insulation, or whether occ 7n copper really is only 6n. 

@lloydc - I've tried Viborg products and found them to be pretty good - I've tried their Power Plugs/IEC's and they were well made from silver plated copper. But I do prefer the Sonarquest (also form china) Power Plugs/IEC's, Their IEC's grip like a vice. Also tried Vanguard products, but still prefer the Sonarquest

For Interconnects and speaker cables I use KLE Innovations RCA and Bananas - both silver plated copper. I've found they convey more details and a clearer, more spacious image.

Not sure if you have seen this thread - it has lots of info regarding different wire combinations/connectors tried on the HELIX DIY cables if interested - It's a very long read though


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I've tried many of the fake "Odin" cables and still use their power cords and speaker cable. Most of them are really good.

Now I ordered some Xangsane pure silver solid core bulk interconnect cable (Xangsane SP-9001Ag) as a few of my friends have tried it and it has become their favorite cable. I'm awaiting delivery.

Not everything that comes from China is junk!

I had some pretty expensive and well reviewed WW speaker cables and XLRs. After reading this thread some 6 mo ago, I first started replacing a Pangea Premier XL coax ($169) with an Odin 2 coax (~ $50) and was blown away. Next I replaced the XLR with Odin 2, then the speaker cables and finally the power cords with Odin 2 Gold. These took my nice sounding system to a much more life-like, and more enjoyable presentation

The quality is EXCELLENT



it would be helpful if you Identified the business on aliexpress that you ordered from found reliable.