Has anyone tried KT150s in their ARC Ref 110?

Hi all,

Was wondering if any ARC Ref 110 owners have tried the KT150 output tubes in their Ref 110. Seems like ARC is testing out the KT150 in the current production amps and while officially not yet sanctioned, they seemed to have tacitly ok'ed the trial of the KT150 in Ref 75 and Ref 150 amps from various user comments on different forums.

I would be interested in hearing if anyone has tried this output tube in their Ref 110. If yes, at what bias? Any sonic impressions compared to either the 6550s or KT120s would be very much appreciated. Thanks
Nothing yet from ARC. I also noted in the other thread not to use the new (if you can still find them)Winged C tubes as their problematic. Use the 6550we instead.
Gary (Hifigeek1) -- fyi. Some many months back, maybe a year ago, I made an online purchase of SED 6550 "Winged Cs" from Upscale Audio. To his credit and honesty, Kevin Deal cancelled the sale because he said there were some problem tubes in his then current inventory of Winged Cs.

I know the original factory that made the Winged Cs in St. Petersberg, Russia burned down a while back. Kevin explained that he had acquired a batch of original Winged Cs. Nevertheless, since then, I buy 6550WEs from ARC and the rest of my tubes from Upscale.

Just re-tubed my ARC Ref 5 SE and CD-8 with ARC sourced 6550 WEs and Upscale Audio matched 6H30s. The rig sounds heavenly. :)

However, my ARC Ref 150 has 1000 hours on its tube set. Sure hoping the KT-150 issue is sorted out by the time I'm ready to switch out the KT-120s.
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