Has anyone tried these stunning new CPT power cord?

   Considering the many, many brands of power cords I've tried in my very well accomplished high-end system, I have never been so impacted by these Core Power Technology power cords. Within a very short period(15-20) minutes my system literally came alive. Soundstage opened wider and deeper. The background became dead silent, space between instruments and stage members were more focused and everything sounded cleaner and musical than ever. My highs had a glorious crispness and symbols shimmered. Midrange through my 2" horn became more dynamic and punchy. My 15" bass driver tightened and dug low with great control. My Rel G1 which is a fabulous sub on its own but with a CPT 150 on it is another story. Running high pass from my sub to my Audiozen Noah amplifier, music depth is just stunning. Lower end bass is authoritative and clean with solid grip and impact. 
   My experience with these power cords is truly magical. The scary part of the above is I only have one 150 on my sub and one 300 from my wall to my 6 outlet bar. I still need 3 more to complete my system. I could just imagine the level after that...In closing, I cannot emphasize enough to try one of these in your system. I CANNOT and WIIL NOT take these out as they are that good. But hold your jaw, cuz what you've been listening to will just become real after Core Power Technologies. 

Cheers....and let the tapping begin.......

Wanted to share with everyone this really wonderful review... Very proud of this - and over the next few months I am aware of several more reviews that will be published. 

Jeff Dorgay and TONE Audio are The Real Deal - and I'm just very pleased and proud today...



Many thanks to all of you that have supported and continue to support our company...

Best wishes,

Mark..congrats on a great review...but then ..those of us who have the '300' ..know exactly what he found out..great product..AGAIN..congrats.

Congrats on the award and review! PM going out to you. :)

For mods, I have my own ideas we can discuss.


In regards to footers and vibration control, I personally recommend some combination of wood and elastomers. Woods have all kinds of different sounds, so experimenting is best. I'm also going to be experimenting with some composites of carbon fiber. Metal seems to increase the resonant frequency, resulting in peaked highs. Of course, everyone's hearing, listening, and system goals are different, which is why free trials are always a positive.


If you're really anti-modding, I would recommend trying a contact enhancer, like the one from Walker Audio. This will give you a similar benefit, at a much reduced cost. Just make sure to follow the directions, as you're dealing with electricity.