Has anyone tried these stunning new CPT power cord?

   Considering the many, many brands of power cords I've tried in my very well accomplished high-end system, I have never been so impacted by these Core Power Technology power cords. Within a very short period(15-20) minutes my system literally came alive. Soundstage opened wider and deeper. The background became dead silent, space between instruments and stage members were more focused and everything sounded cleaner and musical than ever. My highs had a glorious crispness and symbols shimmered. Midrange through my 2" horn became more dynamic and punchy. My 15" bass driver tightened and dug low with great control. My Rel G1 which is a fabulous sub on its own but with a CPT 150 on it is another story. Running high pass from my sub to my Audiozen Noah amplifier, music depth is just stunning. Lower end bass is authoritative and clean with solid grip and impact. 
   My experience with these power cords is truly magical. The scary part of the above is I only have one 150 on my sub and one 300 from my wall to my 6 outlet bar. I still need 3 more to complete my system. I could just imagine the level after that...In closing, I cannot emphasize enough to try one of these in your system. I CANNOT and WIIL NOT take these out as they are that good. But hold your jaw, cuz what you've been listening to will just become real after Core Power Technologies. 

Cheers....and let the tapping begin.......

Glad I checked in on this thread as I now know that Mark is swamped with moving and that's why he hasn't been able to respond. I'm excited about joining the CPT family and will order either the equicore 1200 or 1800 as soon as the dust settles for Mark. I've been putting off doing so as I wasn't sure one would really improve my sound, but after hearing a system with it....and then without it, I'm kicking myself for not ordering one long ago. 
Just wanted to log on very briefly to say that my phones are working again... (Thank GOD)...

I had not realized that when Lynn upgraded to the Samsung S8 and me my 8+ that our Google Voice Integration had stopped. 

I never use the Sprint Voice Mails as they are poopy (better word to use but I'll avoid it)... I use Google Voice as they are really great. I get call announcements and text of the call - they are awesome.

When someone told us about not answering our phone messages I began to dig in - found out there were 50!!! I had never even set voice mail up on the new phones. 

Just of course very apologetic to the many of you that left me messages. I had no idea at all...

This move has been amazingly painful for reasons I will explain in my longer mail due to follow later. We are shipping today (YAY!!!!!) at last. 

With a smile on my face...

Thanks again...


Are these cords really that good?  Can they compete with the upper end of purist audio cords.  I am looking to get a purist but may try one of these now,  thanks
kedoades, the upper end of Purist Audio power cords are very good. The CPT power cords are a different creature because now you are using balanced power (the box) which cleans the gunk from the AC and allows you to hear more details.
I believe that you would have to demo them side by side to determine which you like better. As far as musical ability and dollars spent, I think the CPT would be the winner.
If you don't have any power conditioning in your system you might want to keep the power cords you currently are using and purchase a 1200 or 1800 which most likely could be used with your entire system.
@kedoades , throw me a private message at pspeziale@hotmail.com to insight me on the cords you have now.....thx..