Has anyone Upgraded their ARC preamp

I'm currently running an ARC Ls-25 and I'm thinking about upgrading to a Ref-3. The only problem is I have never heard one. I have heard the MKII version of my pre-amp and I didn't like it. I also heard the LS-26 was very mechanical and not musical. Is the Ref-3 a very musical pre-amp. I don't want to sell my pre-amp and then be disappointed.
Toetap...imho, i don't think the Ref 3 requires 3 days of warm up :-). I would say after 30 mins, you are in happier than a pig in doodoo. Initial break-in is a different story and that has to do with the caps used. Initial break-in count on 200-400 hrs. After 200 hrs it starts getting there and after 400 hrs you are pretty much done.
Cmalak,I know what your saying and I really like the Ref3.My point was how totally stupid and clueless the poster was,IMO if your going to post for all to view, make some sense.I guess I just dont have the ability to overlook idiots anymore.
Cmalak, I would definitely get maximum 3D sound with tube amps but I live in AZ and tubes in the summer would heat up the room too much; I owned some VAC Phi 250's for a time and that's what I experienced. I bought the Nemos for a little more power for the MAXX's and they are surprisingly an easy amp to listen to. I'd love a Ref 2 phono but I have other pressing needs! Will enjoy what I have. Thanks for the kind compliment!
hifimaniac...i understand where you are coming from. enjoy the great setup.

toetap..it's all good in the neighborhood :-)

and now back to the OP's original programming...
Toetapfactor, That was an interesting display of ignorance not to mention your inability to read. I was referring to Audio Research hybrid preamps. And if you can't hear the difference it is most likely poor system resolution or poor hearing.