Has anyone use bel canto s125's with totem forests

Newbie first system. 70% music 30% ht. 18x24 room. Budget 7k. Built around totem forests, rainmaker center and totem in wall surrounds. Considering integra 40.2 or 50.2 and belcanto s125 amp run through preouts. Also considering oppo 83 and sonos with inexpensive dac. Have only purchased forests so far. Open to all suggestions. Thanks for your help.
If the system is placing music as the over-riding priority then i'm not sure you will gain long term satisfaction using a home theatre pre-amp? Would you consider a separate dedicated integrated stereo amplifier to drive the front two channels for music / stereo use? I've tried a couple of times over the years to construct a musically pleasing multi-channel system only to end up ditching it in favor of a separate stereo system for dedicated audio.

The Forests are nice speakers (I own the Hawks) and i had favorable experiences driving them with integrated stereo amps by Plinius (model 9200) and Unison Research (Unico Secondo). While i did not try the Bel Canto's on the Totem's i have reason to believe the mix might not be as favorable.

Good luck with your quest.
I agree, why compromise music listening if it's the main use of the system. Also, some integreted stereo amps have a HT bypass option, but if not, they are still ways around this. Using a larger power amp driven from HT receiver preouts will not even come close to the quality of a nice integrated.
Thanks kiwi. My Concern is twofold. First do you think I can go the integrated route affordably and do you think the integrated is better than a straight preamp/amp combo. Second, does the integrated also run the ht channels or will I need a separate avs for that. Btw The ratio is probably more like 60/40 music to ht. Look forward to your comments. Thanks again.