Has anyone used the Deluxe Wally Analog Shop?

I've been reading about this device with supplied Multimeter
and was very interested in all the features involved.Also works as a cable cooker.Does your LP playback substantially improves with all the recoomended calibrations and test CD's.
I would think more people should invest into this before spending hard earn money on tonearm cables or more esoteric phono cartridges.Any thoughts on this subject matter?
I already use the Wally Tracker and have great results from that alone.
I have not used it, but I have read reports from those who have. Most say that using this device to set azimuth did not significantly improve on the settings that they could obtain by ear. The cable cooker feature is interesting but I don't know if you could get, or build, one of those for alot less money. Just my humble opinion.
I've used it to set azimuth and found it to be a bit complicated and difficult to get reliable results. The readings offf the multimeter seemed to jump around. At best, I got approximate readings.

My own preference is to insist that the stylus/cantilever assembly be aligned perfectly (by visual inspection under magnification. I then do a visual alignment, with the goal of perfect perpendicularity of the stylus to the record surface. This I do by lining up the cartridge with its own reflection on the record surface (when viewed head on) while the cartridge is in the playing position.
Setting azimuth by visual inspection under magnification works 1) if the diamond is perfectly mounted on the cantilever (which can be a problem with cheap cartridges)and 2) the motor inside the cartridge is mounted perfectly square to the cantilever (which can be a problem with any cartridge including expensive ones). As an example, I own three cartridges with MSRP in excess of US$3,000. I aligned the cartridges using visual inspection under magnification. I then measured the channel separation. The channel separation was less than specified. I then adusted the azimuth, measured separation with a multimeter, adjusted azimuth, measured, and continued until I achieved the manufacturer's specified separation. I then tweaked the azimuth a little each way and listened. That final tweak got the best sound. The strength of the test tone signals off of the test LP varies so much that it is not possible for me to set the azimuth strictly by measurement. I can get close, but the final twak by ear is essential. YMMV.
Thanks for your input Rgordonpf.
I spoke with Wally today and his premise is that you need to make verifiable recorded measurments in order to maximize LP playback.He stated you cannot do this with guess work,But you need measurements that show you which direction you need to pursue to get maximum results.
He also stated that Morch had set up their own arm at a seminar,and HE (Wally) checked the Antiskating on their arm afterwards and verified it was atleast 20% off.
I have had tremendous results using the Wally Tracker and was just curious if the use of the test CD's with mutimeter would lead to even better results,But based on this feedback I've received so far,it seems very problamatic
at best.The line of sight while playback seems logical to me.
As a matter of fact thats just what I did today.My cartridge was pulling to one side earlier today,but I very carefully rebalanced my counterweights and now have perfect visual alignment.Also when needle is lifted off of record their is no pulling to one side or the other,This process was very time consuming but is paying off now.
I also noticed VTA is very sensitive with my Morch Arm.
The supplied tonearm cable that came with the arm actually sounds very good indeed,But I would have never known it unless my VTA was dialed in and azmith very close to being dialed in as well.
I feel like I was putting the cart in front of the horse on my pursuit of my Analog setup.I had previously evaluated tonearm cables from FATWYRE and I thought I was close to deciding which cable I liked best.The funny thing about it
is now I prefer my original arm cable better then the Kimber Silver Ag.,but maybe the outcome would have been much different have I had my front end set up properly to begin with.
Wally also makes an antiskating and a tiny conterweight for VPI arm's for $350. I think it only works on the 12 or the 12.5 arms. The only issue I have is once you get your arm set up what do you do with the analog shop? It's will come in handy for guys like Michael Fremer who's constantly settting up arm/cartridge combos. But what about the average Joe. I just installed a new cartridge (Benz Ruby 3, Graham 2.2) and I have it dialed in real nice. So Wally's Analog Shop will sit in my closet collecting dust.