Has anyone used the new Innuos 2.0 Sense music app? Compared it to Roon?

I compared the two as I am a lifetime Roon customer.  I prefer the sound of the new Innuos Sense music app.  More natural and less electronic or digital sounding.  Not day and night, but better. My big issue is Innuos Sense does not seem to keep playing music, like Roon, when the album is complete.  Roon had a Radio switch that played artists similar to the artist as a continuous stream and I loved it.  Heard many new artists I loved this way.  
Anyone know if Innuos Sense has a similar setting? I can’t seem to find it. 
I love it, I had the Cambridge Audio DAC Magic 200m prior to that and upgraded now that I’m all in on this HiFi stuff.

It’s an amazing DAC! But I’ve only listened to PCM and MQA stuff through it.

- Incredible bass presentation. Such smooth and well transitioned bass.
- Detailed and crisp, but surprisingly warm (probably do to the strong bass).
- Awesome sound stage depth! I just smile listening to atmospheric ambient music because the depth is phenomenal.
- Excellent detail and separation.
- Bluetooth is great, if you want it.

- $1,500 and no headphone jack.
- No chance at customer service and product support (if I had to guess?) and a useless manual.
- Can come a cross (with certain multi channel and heavily mixed recordings) as having some tonal brightness. Like certain sounds that weren’t as apparent are overly forward and loud in contrast to the rest of the music.

It was a toss up between the X26 Pro and the RME ADI-2 FS Ultra ($1,300) for me, but I really like the Dual Saber sound and can best describe this DAC as a DAC Magic 200m on steriods. Everything the DAC magic does the Gustard does better.

But I’d say overall I have zero regrets, but again, big bass, so with some systems could be a problem.
Another unrelated Innuos Question... My new 2TB Zenith MK3 has the SSD drive, but under system settings storage it's listed as 1700GB.

Where'd my 300GB go missing?
With some trepidation, I have updated my Innuos Zen mk ii to 2.0.5.The good news: the update seems to have gone smoothly, only 8', then asked to reboot, then another 4' to get the Innuos Sense screen on the mainframe. Then it goes to "Music Library being converted". I went to the player function on the mainframe, and the initial sound does seem "better".  The bad news: on the P. Barber NIghtclub album it shows only 2 tracks, on the Chesky Club de Sol album it shows only 4 tracks. Hopefully as the library conversion continues it will complete the missing tracks. Also I can't find how to stop the player function so that the server can only do the conversion function.
Update on the 2.0 update: after over 4 hours of rescanning, the tracks are all there. There is a lot to like about the music library management with the album view; not so much on the artist view ( I now have over 8,000 artists for 3000+ albums ?). Operation with the mainframe PC is good, but the operation with the Innuos Sense app on my Android phone is nearly useless, as it keeps losing connection and sometimes can't find the server ( I had no such problems with Orangesqueeze and the same phone).  There is supposed to be a Sense update another week.
That's excellent! Really interested in what Innuos did, and more so can do with their update(s).

I'm still getting my time in listening to v1.49 and want to probably put off the update for a week or so to let my ears get accustom to the Zenith (only 72hrs old).